Apple blogger turns Apple app maker, launches Vesper note-taking app


I heard good opinions about it in Twit show but everybody must judge on his own. I did not buy for now but I will keep my eye on it.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

John Gruber isn’t just the best-connected Apple blogger: he’s now joined the company’s legion of iOS app makers. On Thursday he, along with his two co-founders, launched their first iOS app together, called Vesper, a hybrid notes and list-making app.

The app, which is not cheap at $4.99, has been in the works since last fall, its genesis linked to a meeting between Brent Simmons, the app’s developer, Dave Wiskus, its designer, and Gruber, who calls himself the app’s “director.” They met at a conference in Montreal, and named the company Q Branch. Gruber says the app is based on “an idea I’ve been pondering for years.”

Vesper iOS appIt’s hard to categorize what exactly Vesper is: it’s a note-taking app, but it can also function as a to-do list. These are both popular categories of apps on the iOS App Store, so Vesper has its work cut out for…

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